Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aweeno Nino & Fickoe Loco's 2nd Month Anniversary

people might think im crazy, which im not!! ;)
i like to count my days with my beloved ones,
and i love to write even this is just our 2nd month ann.
Sayang, for the past two months of our relationship,
i see you play a good part in my life!
and i hope it stay forever Sayang..

you were always there for me no matter where or when.
especially when i say, 'sayang, b lapar...'

the first fight we had on ym bcoz of some silly mistake of mine were the worst ever.
and i wont let it happen again..
me say sorry ok .

and i am happy, in two months time we only have one, just one fight.
im glad you know how to control my situation as i always play the emo part!
sorry for that my love....

When i re-read your text msgs u send me before, i would laugh.............
not because it is funny but i see your true passion on knowing a person name Nur Azureen Ainnan,
even when we are still friends back then,

u tried so hard to pleased me,
not just me,
u pleased everyone.....

you once said, 'aween is lame...'
but she's yours now, lame or not lame, u have to face it!
but yet, she loves u so much.
to much as u can ever imagine.

thank you for everything
you make me happy, u make me chill, and u make me s.t.n.d.
those secret code will always be in my heart!;)


te amo Shafiq Jizman

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  1. omg.. u are really in love are u?? take a good care of ur relationship kayh dear.. :)